Hi! I’m Carlotta, I was born in Italy and worldwide shaped. I’ve lived abroad for more than half of my life, always Lusting For The Sublime!

What does “Lust For The Sublime” mean?

I have been thinking for a long time about having an online platform where I could share information about my numerous trips and write about the fascinating art world.

I decided to start this journey because I felt the need to share my passion for travel and art, creating my personal space with the freedom of writing about whatever I find inspiring and cool.

What I want is to express my vision of life: a constant craving for stylish adventures, extravagant locations, breathtaking scenarios combined with art destinations and events!

“Lust For The Sublime”, launched in June 2017,  genuinely explains my attitude towards life too: being a curious and positive woman, I have always loved looking for amazing things everywhere I go.  Obsessed by the beauty of this world, I’m constantly lusting for my next adventure, in a sublime way!

I also love finding fabulous restaurants (I’m such a foodie!) and spectacular spas/retreats everywhere I travel to. I will include in my posts lots of details about these types of experiences!

For what concerns accommodations, in my website you will mostly find suggestions about luxury hotels and top destinations around the world, with high-end service offered.

Substantially I would love to share with you all the wonderful things I learned on the way: well known locations but also unusual travel destinations together with interesting art stories, with tips for your own journey!

The word “Sublime” is defined as “to elevate or exalt in dignity or honor and to render finer things as in purity and excellence”. This concept has been crucial throughout Art history and perfectly describes my vision for this website – and my life in general!

I am very fascinated with the concept of  the “Sublime” and how it has changed over the centuries, both in Art History as well as in Philosophy and Literature.

In the art section I have no intention to be academic. That part has been created to help people get more familiar with the art world so that they could spontaneously experience it.

My passion for travel and art along with a love for photography and reading has shaped me and this website too.


About My Life

Traveling is vital to me, I can’t stop! I love getting to know new cultures and exploring the beauty of this planet! One of my life goals is to visit every country in the world indeed.

My parents instilled a love of travel in me, but my “personal” journey started when I moved to Australia for a school exchange program when I was 17. I have never stopped traveling and exploring ever since!

I lived in Melbourne during my 4th year of high school, where I actually learned English. My Australian chapter is so significant as it has been also the first time in my life away from home and on my own. I learnt so much about life in general and how to deal with everyday life without my parents. It hasn’t been always fun, sometimes was hard but I have to admit I had so much fun! Overall, indeed,  I bless my time there and I would suggest to any teenager to move abroad for a similar experience!

After my time in Australia, I moved to Milan, for 3 years, where I got a BA in Economics and Management for Art Culture and Communication at Bocconi University. During my last year, I spent several months in New York City, where I had a blast! A few months later I stayed for a few weeks in Shanghai, which stated my fascination with Asian culture.

When I completed my BA, I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, for a few months: a very intense time there, totally unforgettable! I look forward to sharing more about this time in my life in some of my travel posts.

After my Indonesian adventure, I relocated to London for 1 year where I attended a Sotheby’s course and got a MA in Contemporary Art. Writing my dissertation brought me to Hong Kong for some research: I moved there a month later and I spent almost four absolutely incredible years there!

Hong Kong has been a vital chapter of my life and I look forward to extensively writing about it, one day. I worked in Art Galleries, I met fabulous people and experienced some spectacular trips around Asia.

I left Hong Kong in October 2016, and for good in early 2017, as I felt my time there was over, particularly in my private life. I still consider it my second home though, and I will be forever grateful for all I learnt during those years.

And today, I am currently traveling around the world , exploring this beautiful Earth and all that every destination has to offer! I am also spending time in Italy with my family and closest friends as much as I can, as in the past decade I did not spend enough time in my beloved country. What a great opportunity I have now: finally getting to know – properly – my own country!


I hope through Lust For The Sublime you can find inspiration to travel and unique tips from me along the way. Join me on my journeys and feel free to get in touch!

And you… Are you lusting for the sublime?