Turks and Caicos: Sailing Adventures with Navis Charters!

For several years, Turks&Caicos Islands have been at the top of my travels ‘wish-list’. In December 2019 I finally planned the most sublime trip to these marvelous islands in the Caribbean, which are truly a Mother Nature’s masterpiece! During those phenomenal weeks, I had the immense pleasure to sail around the islands with Navis Charter, the preeminent luxury charter boat company in Turks&Caicos. They offer a variety of charters options: half day, full day or sunset cruise. You can book the boat just for yourself or share it with a small group of guests (max 8 people), as you wish. They provide you with all the snorkeling gears, and it is possible also to organize scuba diving excursions, kite-boarding safaris and all kinds of customized tours – upon previous request.

Navis Charter Boat in Turks&Caicos


The day I decided to sail around the islands with Navis Charters, I met their crew at the Blue Haven Marina located on Marina Road, Leeward, in Providenciales Island. This meeting point is very convenient if you are staying in Grace Bay as well as if you stay in Long Bay – if you are in one of the other islands please note that there are local boats that can take you to the Marina. To give you an idea, from the Grace Bay Club I biked there and it took approximately 20 minutes on the main road – a beautiful and easy ride under the sun, absolutely loved it!

Once I reached the boat, the warm welcome of Captain Mat and his crew made me feel immediately very comfortable and happy – I felt like it was about to be a memorable day!

Boating in Turks&Caicos with Navis Charter

As soon as we left the harbor, Captain Mat put on some music to create the most pleasant atmosphere, letting us choose the kind of music we wanted. In fact, on the boat there are USB ports and great speakers that allow the guests to listening to music very well!

After a while, Captain Mat and his crew kindly took some time to chat with me explaining the historical background of the TCI as well as many other interesting facts. I hugely appreciated it!

Boating with Navis Charters, Turks&Caicos

On board, they offer alcoholic and soft drinks, together with some snacks. If you would like to have a proper meal during the day, you can arrange it with the staff upon request.

Drinking some wine while walking on the beach!

Regarding the tours, Navis Charter offers several routes and you can choose whatever you like. They are also very flexible, so if you would like to make slight changes during the day be sure that Captain Mat and his staff would surely accommodate your requests! 🙂


I would like to include here a list of the things you can choose to do and see with Navis Charters:

– jump off the La Famille Express shipwreck in Long Bay

– try to spot juvenile lemon sharks at the back of the famous Half Moon Bay

– visit our endemic iguanas in their sanctuary on Little Water Cay (Iguana Island)

– snorkel at one of our many reefs – Leeward Reef, Grace Bay Reef or Pine Cay Reef

– stop on the deserted beach at Fort George

– cruise along Parrot Cay

– visit Dellis Cay and check out the uncompleted hotel project

– snorkel the children-friendly little shipwreck by Pine Cay (on a calm day)

– travel all the way to North Caicos (on a full day charter) and explore its many unique locations

– West Caicos on a full day charter

– bottom fishing and deep sea fishing

– Scuba diving multiples spots between Providenciales and West Caicos


During my marvelous day with Navis Charters I had the best time exploring Fort George, Iguana Island and Parrot Cay.

The absolute best moment for me has been getting off the boat in Fort George and walking around the remote beaches: there was literally nobody there but us, incredible landscapes and a unique peaceful atmosphere. It has truly been one of the best experiences in Turks&Caicos!

Fort George in Turks&Caicos with Navis Charters

Navis Charters’ staff always walked around with us in each stop, in order to explain to us everything we needed to know as well as to make sure that we were always okay. This is so important when you are looking for the best and unique experiences! I truly appreciated they knowledge and expertise. The entire staff has always been very attentive and funny too! Such a great company!

The happiest version of myself in Fort George, Turks&Caicos!

We also visited the famous ‘Iguana Island’ (Little Water Cay) where I saw for the first time in my life some wild iguanas indeed! We safely walk around with a member of the crew who made sure we were always okay, while telling us many local stories of the island and TCI in general. Awesome!

Iguana Island in Turks&Caicos

As said already, I truly had a fantastic experience with Navis Charters and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a luxurious and attentive service when you would like to sail around Turks&Caicos.

The sunset at the end of the day was sublime! Sipping some wine, while listening to music and looking at this marvelous landscape… made my day! 🙂

Sunset in Turks&Caicos with Navis Charters!

And you… are you lusting for the sublime?



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