Visit Murano and Burano Islands from Venice

If you are in Venice for a while and would like to have a day trip to explore the surroundings, I would definitely recommend a day trip to Murano and Burano Islands!

Murano is well-known for the glass-making, Burano for the lace-making and the super colorful houses.


Depending on your departure point, these are the information you need to get to Murano, the famous island of the glass-making.

  • From Piazzale Roma or Ferrovia: Line 3 “Diretto Murano” boat, which takes 17 minutes to reach Murano Colonna from the railroad station. Stay on the boat if you’d rather get off at Faro, Navagero, Museo, or Venier.
  • From San Zaccaria: Line 4.2, it will take 40/45 minutes.
  • From Fondamente Nove: Line 4.1 or 4.2 water-bus. It will take 10 minutes to get to Murano.
Glass Sculpture in Murano, Italy

Where to eat in Murano?

If you have time for lunch or dinner in Murano, I would highly recommend to go to Osteria al Duomo. I have been there several times as the food is really delicious, in particular black squids with “polenta”, mussels and “vongole”, and salted codfish (“baccalà”). In general seafood is great here, along with pasta and risotto!

Where to stay in Murano?

If you like to spend a night in Murano as I did, I would like to recommend you Hotel Conterie. It is very small and cozy. It is not a luxury hotel but it is perfect for a night in Murano!


To get to Burano island you need to take the Line 12 of the water-bus, either from San Zaccaria (near St. Mark square) or from Fondamente Nove. It will take approximately 45 minutes.

You can always choose to get a taxi-boat, keeping in mind that is gonna be way more expensive.

Burano island is one of the most colorful locations in the world according to many international magazines. To have a complete explanation about the history and the local attractions, please check the Official Burano website.

During my day trip to the island, I walked around a lot just to enjoy every single corner of this incredible colorful place!

Colorful House in Burano Island, Italy
Canal in Burano Island, Italy
Typical House in Burano, Italy

I have not stop in Burano for lunch or dinner, so I cannot personally suggest a good restaurant. However you can find some tips HERE!

I hope this post is helpful for your day trip to Murano and Burano!

And you… Are you lusting for the sublime?