Royal Chundu: The Ultimate Luxury Experience is Zambia!

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury experience while traveling to Zambia, there is only one place you should go to: Royal Chundu. Located 1 hour away from the Victoria Falls, alongside the Zambezi River, this outstanding lodge offers the most beautiful and relaxing place to stay in the area.

Sunset, Zambezi River @ Royal Chundu Island Lodge, Zambia

This luxurious property is substantially divided in 2 areas: the River Lodge and the Island lodge. I had the immense pleasure to experience both, and I think those are 2 different experiences. The River Lodge is the main area, where all the guests arrive upon check in, with a stunning outdoor dining area (as well as indoor one with the TV), a big swimming pool next to the Zambezi and 10 beautiful suites that overlook the river as well. The Island Lodge is located 10 minutes away by boat from the River Lodge and it is surely an even more private place to stay! I think this one is perfect for honeymoons and romantic couple holidays, the other lodge is suitable also for families and kids! The villas at the Katombora Island are way bigger and the private balcony of each room is just all another level! 🙂


When I got to my room at The Island, my jaw literally dropped. Not only about the fact that the interiors are beautiful and everything is magical, but having a big terrace with the bath and the Zambezi River in front of me, it felt like a dream!

View from my bed @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia

As soon as I arrived, I loved the elegance of the colonial style of the villa at The Island! And being surrounded by nature even more!

Villa @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia

The canopy bed and the travel-boxes at the end of it make the ambient so stylish!

Myself in my room @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia

To be honest with you, I cannot describe with proper words how spectacular having a bath in front of the Zambezi River, surrounded by trees and birds has been… or maybe you can… 🙂

Myself having a bath @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia

Not only a dreamy outdoor bath, but also a “shower with a view!”:

Outdoor bath + shower @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia

After an entire day outdoor, I got back to the room and I found the bath ready and the lights around it… Magical! So incredibly magical! I stayed inside the bath for over an hour, watching the sunset and admiring the stars when it got dark!

Bubble bath @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia

During the day, the atmosphere at the villa was fabulous – due to the impressive view out of the window- and at night it became so cozy and romantic!

Villa @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia

In fact, I had the best sleep and the best dreams in that comfortable bed! And I loved the fact that in the room you have no TV (well, you really don’t need one at all!! To much beauty to admire!)

Night @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia

The day after I requested the breakfast in the room, because I could not get enough of that view! It was the best decision indeed!

Breakfast in the room @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia
Infinity pool @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia


As previously mentioned, the River Lodge is where the main area is. Don’t get me wrong: both places are absolutely amazing beyond any imagination. The Island Lodge is designed differently and, due to the position, you get even more the privacy and uniqueness feeling!

At the River Lodge there is a big pool, an outdoor dining area with the Zambezi River in front of you, the bar, an indoor dining area with a TV upstairs and of course 10 beautiful suites!

The River Lodge suite @ Royal Chundu, Zambia

A delightful buffet is ready every morning for a wonderful breakfast near the river!

Breakfast buffet @ The River Lodge, Royal Chundu, Zambia

And dining next to the Zambezi was absolutely unforgettable:

Lunch @ The River Lodge, Royal Chundu, Zambia


My food experience at Royal Chundu has been remarkable as well, especially the night when I tried the Zambian tasting menu at The Island.

Appetizer – Zambian dinner @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia

Every single dish was a new discovery and so delicious!

Zambian soup – dinner @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia
Zambian dinner @ The Island, Royal Chundu
Zambian dessert @ The Island, Royal Chundu, Zambia


In order to let all guests experiencing the Zambian vibes, Royal Chundu offers a wide range of activities. Of course you can go to the Victoria Falls: it takes 1 hour and they will provide you a private car with a guide to visit the falls – I will post a specific article about that experience, with tips as well! 😉 If you decide to stay at the lodge, you have several options: click here to see the full list.


This was surely my favorite activity! Canoeing on the Zambezi River has been so much fun! Really a must do! I had one guy from the staff who was paddling for me and 2 guys in front of us for safety – excellent service!!!

Royal Chundu staff in front of us – canoeing on the Zambezi River, Zambia

While canoeing, I really felt the power of nature and I realized how wide and majestic the Zambezi River is!

Zambezi River, Zambia

Moreover, I enjoyed so much observing the beauty of nature for the entire time while canoeing!

Somewhere on the Zambezi River, Zambia

After canoeing for a while, we reached the spot for the picnic – and what a luxury! Fabulous spot and… such delicious food! WOW!!!

Luxury picnic – Royal Chundu, Zambia

The picnic itself was perfect and the food… (The slide of pizza that is missing in the following picture was already in my stomach ahah!)

Royal Chundu – picnic by the river, Zambia

Shall I describe also the view while I was eating?

Luxury picnic- Zambezi River, Zambia

The entire staff was so welcoming and helpful, cheerful and kind! I loved it!

Luxury picnic- Royal Chundu, Zambia


Royal Chundu offers to its guest a sunrise and a sunset cruise. I did them both and I’d like to highly recommend to experience them as many times as you can! (click here to see the full list)

Zambezi River, Sunset, Zambia

Every single day the sunset has been breathtaking…

Another sunset on the Zambezi River, Zambia

And most importantly, watching animals into the wild has been so beautiful! Especially the elephants!

Elephants next to the Zambezi River, Zambia


Near by the lodge, there is a local village that the guests can visit. I felt so lucky to meet them and learning more about the Zambian traditions! Thanks Edith to welcome! Royal Chundu is highly involved in helping the community. To know more about its charity activities click here!

Myself, Edith and the kids! Zambia

I will never forget how overwhelming my visit to the village has been and the smiles of the kids!

Kids from the local village, Zambia

Learning a bit more about the Zambian culture and traditions has been a big plus for me!

Zambian village near Royal Chundu


Going to the Victoria Falls has been one of the most intense experiences of my life! Hence, I will write soon an entire post about my experience! But surely I’d love to start sharing some pictures to show you the real power of nature!

The majestic Victoria Falls, Zambian side

You can ask the staff to organize for you the trip to the falls, with a guide from the lodge. Also, you can plan a helicopter ride even from Royal Chundu to the falls!

I honestly cannot wait to go back there!

What a wonderful experience! So thankful!

And you… are you lusting for the sublime?