Epic Stay at The Burj Al Arab, The Most Luxurious Hotel in the World!

One of Dubai’s most famous tourist landmarks, but yet very exclusive, the Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Opened in 1999, the unique and distinctive sail-shaped silhouette rises 210 meters above the sea, offering breathtaking views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf. This super lavish and extravagant 5 star hotel offers 202 huge duplex suites (yes, ONLY suites), and 2 Royal Suites located on the last floor – these two massive “rooms” have been designed on 850sqm, over 2 floors as well!

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Myself @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai


At the Burj Al Arab you can really get the most luxurious experience you can dream of! This unapologetic opulent and extra-luxurious hotel has real 24-carat gold leafs that cover approximately 22,000 square feet of the interior (including the TV screens in the suites!). I addition, the marble adorning over 258,000 square feet of walls and flooring is the rarest: the kind used by Michelangelo to create his masterpieces, to give you and idea!

But this is just the beginning: all the guests can count on the phenomenal Rolls Royce car service for any need! Yes, if you need to go anywhere, you can just use the iconic white Rolls Royce Limousine service of the hotel! I actually did, and I loved the ‘music-menu’ they provided me, in order to choose the kind of music I wanted. So fancy!

Burj Al Arab entrance, Dubai

The hotel entrance already gives to the visitors the exact idea of what you are going to get: the golden columns and the colorful ceilings of each floor combined seem like the way to heaven!

Fountains at the Burj Al Arab entrance, Dubai

At the entrance there are 2 escalators with a big fountain in the middle that separates them.

Inside the hotel, there are also a library room, a cigar room and a pool room that I actually really enjoyed!

Myself in the pool-room @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai


As soon as I stepped in my 180sqm duplex suite I could not believe my eyes!!! Golden interiors, huge living-room with sea view, extravagant stairs to go upstairs, 2 bathrooms, mirrors everywhere… I felt like a queen, I can’t deny it! 😉

Myself inside my luxury suite @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai

I highly appreciated the warm welcome of the efficient staff as well as the attention to details: a bottle of wine BAA branded, a fruit cake, roses everywhere and several Emirati delicatessen!

Warm welcome in my suite by Burj Al Arab staff!

The bedroom of this suite is located on the second floor, overlooking the Arabian Gulf as well. The extravagant decor really impressed me, especially the presence of mirrors everywhere (including above the bed…!). Hard to describe to you how great has been sleeping on that comfy bed!

My luxury bedroom @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Of course the bathroom upstairs was as lavish as I expected: mosaic everywhere, big bathtub and wide shower, golden details and Hermes products for him and for her!

Luxury bathtub in my suite @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai

As said, all body products are Hermes branded, and there are some for him and some for her.

Hermes body products @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Every time I walked down to the first floor of my suite, I contemplated the interior details, especially the golden frame for the big TV screen with my name on it. Adoration!

Living-room inside my luxury suite @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Also the extra-fancy designed chairs and lounges kept my attention every day. In particular, I loved the contrast between the gold interiors and the blue velvet of the chairs/lounges!

Details of the living-room of my suite @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Furthermore, all the products in the mini bar are perfectly inserted into small BAA-shaped boxes!

Mini bar products in my suite @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai


One of the things I love the most when I travel is having breakfast in my room. During my stay at the Burj Al Arab I clearly ordered one and it has honestly been a royal kind, with all the most delicious and fresh high-end products!

In-room breakfast @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai
In-room breakfast @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai


Located on the back side of the hotel, The Terrace is a remarkable, one-of-a-kind restaurant, pool, beach and cabana space, offering hotel guests and Burj Al Arab members the finest Arabian hospitality.

A breakthrough combination of creative marine design, ingenious engineering and guest-friendly planning, the terrace was built offshore in Finland and transported to Dubai by sea. The private 10,000 square meters outdoor luxury leisure facility now seamlessly stretches 100 meters out into the sea and is home to Scape Restaurant & Bar, two stunning pools, dedicated butler-serviced cabanas, and a beach area with luxury day and sunbeds!

View of the Burj Al Arab from The Terrace pool area, Dubai

Except for The Scape Restaurant, this area is accessible ONLY if you are a guest of the hotel. The serenity and peace you can experience there are incredible! I had such a relaxing time there, despite the crazy heat (43C!) – but while swimming and sunbathing I totally forgot about the high temperature, it was simply perfect!

Myself @ the outdoor infinity pool of Burj Al Arab, Dubai


Literally one of the biggest infinity pool I have ever seen in my life! This swimming-pool is located on The Terrace area and it overlooks the sea. It has inside also a few jacuzzi spots and sun-lounges in the salty-water. Truly majestic!

The outdoor infinity pool @ The Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Next to the pool, there is a beach area, with sand and palms! Absolutely gorgeous getting this exotic feeling in a city like Dubai! The Burj Al Arab provides to its guests a beach bag, towels, flip-flops, and refreshments of any sort. This area is accessible ONLY if you are a guest of the hotel. You are able to order food and drinks to the waiters, while enjoying the pool and the view!



Moreover, in this area of the hotel, the guests can enjoy a delicious meal at The Scape Restaurant&Lounge. I had a fabulous lunch one day and I highly recommend this place even if you are not a guest of the hotel! Read here my full review!

Appetizer @ The Scape Restaurant&Lounge, Dubai


The Burj Al Arab offers to its guest 10 dining spots, for every taste. I personally tried 2 restaurants and 2 bars: Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara, The Scape Restaurant&Lounge, Gold On 27 and Skyview Bar.


Among several dining options, I surely loved the most the iconic Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara Restaurant, with its wall-to-ceiling huge aquarium in the center! Read here my full review! Please keep in mind that you can reserve a table to any restaurant or bar at the Burj Al Arab, even if you are not a guest of the hotel! 🙂

Myself @ Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara Restaurant, Dubai


Unique and unforgettable nights at the ‘Gold On 27’ and at the ‘Skyview Bar’, both located on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab! Click here to read my full experience! Please note that you can reserve a table and enjoy this wonderful place even if you are not a guest of the hotel! 🙂

Pre-dinner drinks @ Gold On 27 Bar, Burj Al Arab, Dubai


Perched 150 meters above the Arabian Gulf, The Talise Spa is the ultimate destination to relax and rejuvenate. Each experience has been carefully crafted and exclusively developed using the world’s most luxurious products to leave you utterly pampered.

I haven’t experieced any treatment during my stay this year, but I did it last year during my vacations and I can guarantee the therapists are highly professional and the massage-cabins are breathtaking!

The Talise Spa pool @ Burj Al Arab, Dubai


At the Burj Al Arab you can get also a personal trainer for your private gym sessions as well as joining the yoga classes. For more info, please contact directly the hotel.


I hope my article helped you to get a satisfying and complete idea of this majestic and sublime place!

And you… Are you lusting for the sublime?