Angala Boutique Hotel: Luxurious Hidden Gem in Franschhoek

During my wine tour around Franschhoek, one of the placed that enchanted me the most has been surely Angala Boutique Hotel. This place is a real hidden gem in the heart of the Cape Winelands, surrounded by magnificent mountains and greenery. To get to this beautiful boutique hotel, you need to go through the well known wine estate Vrede en Lust (where we had a fabulous wine tasting indeed!).

Chilled afternoon @ Angala Boutique Hotel, South Africa


As soon as we got to this beautiful place, we felt immediately more relaxed. Angala Boutique Hotel is in fact the ultimate destination if you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful stay! I adored it!

The interiors are newly designed and the attention to every detail is impressive. The atmosphere is characterized by an elegant combination between modern and rustic. Every space in the property is extremely clean and tidy, which is something that I personally hugely appreciate!

Lobby @ Angala Boutique Hotel, South Africa

When we arrived, we have been warmly welcomed at the bar close to the entrance door by the owner. He gently offered us a fresh glass of Champagne and a brief introduction to Angala. I really like when the owners of small luxury properties spend some time with their guests to tell their own story, it makes me feel “home-away-from-home”!

Bar @ Angala Boutique Hotel, South Africa

Another common area that I really liked was the lounge with the fireplace that overlooks the eco-pool: a perfect spot for reading while enjoying a glass of local wine! During winter time, you can still enjoy the beauty of the nature through the big windows near the fire!

Fireplace lounge @ Angala Boutique Hotel, South Africa


Angala Boutique Hotel offers to its guests to swimming pools, which provide to them a very different experience!


This unique feature recreates the natural filtering process as found in mountain streams, rivers and ponds. You can experience the beauty of this pristine ecosystem through a daily dip, or simply admire the marvels of nature from the side, surrounded by water lilies!

Eco-pool and water lilies @ Angala Boutique Hotel, South Africa


If you like to have a more traditional swim, Angala has a beautiful swimming pool with jacuzzi, surrounded by trees and flowers! As they say, ‘water therapy’ is a supportive form of therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years. Through the course of history, it has evolved from primitive hot-spring baths, hot-cold showers and water stepping, to modern in-home spa and hydro massage therapies.

Swimming-pool and jacuzzi @ Angala Boutique Hotel, South Africa

Next to the swimming pool, you can find the sauna and the steam-bath. If you like also to get a massage or treatments, you need to book it in advance.


I had the massive pleasure of staying in one of the Luxury Suites at Angala Boutique Hotel! The room is spacious and beautifully decorated. There is also a private garden with a small fountain with a breathtaking view of the mountains and the vineyards!

Luxury Suite @ Angala Boutique Hotel, South Africa

To be honest, my favorite part of the suite – I have to admit it! – was the toilet. Why? 🙂

One bath, one outdoor shower and.. two indoor showers in front of each other!!! So sexy! I loved it!

Luxury Suite @ Angala Boutique Hotel, South Africa

Moreover, in the suite there is also a small kitchen area with Nespresso machine, and everything in the mini-bar is complimentary.

Kitchen area – Luxury Suite @ Angala Boutique Hotel, South Africa


They have their own private restaurant where we had delicious dinner and breakfast! Normally people seat in the veranda, especially during summertime!

Veranda @ Angala Boutique Hotel, South Africa

I really appreciated the fresh selection of food for breakfast together with a wide choice on the menu!



Due to the fact that Angala Boutique Hotel is next to the Vrede en Lust Wine Estate, the management offered us a complimentary wine tasting during our stay. And we enjoyed it so much!

Entrance @ Vrede en Lust Wine Estate, South Africa

This place is so gorgeous beyond words! We had the wine tasting overlooking the Franschhoek Valley, the winery and the mountains. Phenomenal! A must visit during a whatever wine tour in South Africa! And the wines are… superb!

Wine tasting @ Vrede en Lust, South Africa

It has been an unforgettable experience!

And you… Are you lusting for the sublime?