A Beautiful Trip to Hydra Island, Greece

Would you like to enjoy all the shades of Greek blue? Hydra Island is definitely the place to visit! You can’t find any car or motorbikes there, just donkeys! The beauty of the nature is impressive and the food is delicious.

I have been there for a few days when I was in Athens for Documenta 14. Hydra Island is indeed the perfect getaway from the Greek capital, just 1h 35min away by speed-boat!

Hydra Island is fantastic for a relaxed trip, enjoying the beauty of nature. People there are so friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is very chilled. Do not expect to find the crowd of Santorini or Mykonos! However Hydra is a well-known destination for tourists too.


  • Language: Greek. English is well spoken in the touristic areas, among many other languages. It might be difficult to communicate in the non-touristic places.
  • Visa: No visa for EU citizen. Please check the rule for your passport
  • Capital: Athens. Population: 665,000 people
  • Currency: Euro
  • Getting to Hydra from Athens: 1.35 hour by speed boat from Piraeus Port. Price: 28 euros each way
  • Time Zone: UTC/GMT +2 (summer +3)
  • Country Code: +30
  • Emergency number: Ambulance 166  – Police 100
  • Population: 10,9 million people

HYDRA, a beautiful Greek Island in the Aegean Sea, with 1.982 residents.

Hydra Island clear water, Greece
Hydra Island beautiful nature!
Local Woman in Hydra Island, Greece

Where to stay in Hydra Island?

Hydra Island is a very relaxed island so you won’t be able to find big resorts. Nevertheless, the hotels in Hydra Island are so pretty with the traditional Greek colors and style.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that  you will have to pull your suitcases/bags as there are no cars or any kind of vehicle! So don’t bring too many things with you! 🙂 You can choose to stay near the port or up the hill to have a beautiful view. Whatever you decide, you’ll have to walk!

I stayed at Ippokampos Hotel: typical white and blue building, simple and clean. The location is perfect, just 5 minutes walk from the port. The staff is so welcoming and helpful, I really appreciate it!

Leto Hotel and Angelica Boutique are more fancy and luxurious, I would highly recommend these two as well!

Ippokampos Hotel, Hydra Island, Greece

Where to eat in Hydra Island?

#1. Sunset Restaurant Hydra

Definitely my number one peak in Hydra! The location is perfect with a breathtaking sea-view, one of the best I have ever seen around the world!

Seafood is extremely good, thumb up for the Chef! This place is perfect for lunch and for dinner – do not miss the sunset for any reason!

Dinner @ Sunset Restaurant, Hydra Island, Greece
Lunch @ Sunset Restaurant, Hydra Island, Greece

#2. Hydronetta

Hydronetta is the bar below Sunset Restaurant. It is more casual but the sea-view is the same…incredible!

Hydronetta bar, Hydra Island, Greece

#3. Techne Restaurant

If you walk around the island from the port, you will bump into this fantastic place. Techne Restaurant has a fabulous sea-view and the food is great. Highly recommended for lunch!

Techne Restaurant, Hydra Island, Greece

#4. Around Hydra Island

You can find other nice restaurant walking around the main streets and just stop by!

Cute restaurant in Hydra Island, Greece
Around Hydra Island, Greece

How to get around Hydra Island?

Very simple: donkeys or walk!

Donkeys in Hydra Port, Greece

I loved walking up and down the hill, enjoying the colorful buildings and the nature all over! Flowers, lemon trees, donkeys and a spectacular blue sky: sensational Mediterranean feeling!


Hope my post helps to plan your Hydra trip!

And you… Are you lusting for the sublime?