Casa La Concha: A Luxurious Hidden Gem in Marbella, Spain

During my latest trip to Spain I had the pleasure to spend a wonderful weekend in Marbella. The town itself is so vibrant and colorful, where the weather is simply perfect! My personal highlight, however, has surely been the stunning property where I stayed: Casa La Concha!

Casa La Concha – Luxury Villa in Marbella, Spain

Located on the Golden Mile of Costa del Sol, Casa La Concha offers to its guest a wonderful place for relaxing and regenerating, in a very exotic yet Mediterranean environment! The big swimming pool overlooks the huge garden full of colorful flowers, palms and trees. Also, there are several birds, that create very tropical vibes with their chirping!

Garden view- Casa La Concha, Marbella (Spain)


Casa La Concha has a big main house with 4 luxurious suites and also 6 cottages around its garden. In the big main house, there is a wide living room where the guests can relax indoor, a beautiful veranda that overlooks the pool and the garden and the kitchen where the staff prepares the fresh breakfast in the morning.

Main living room @ Casa La Concha, Marbella (Spain)

Every detail of the house suggests to the visitors that the owner has been traveling a lot, bringing to her home an exotic touch. Many books, paintings and sculptures from all over the world!

Casa La Concha entrance – Marbella, Spain
Interiors @ Casa La Concha, Marbella (Spain)

I really liked the piano in the corner, with colorful bottles on top of it! Such a cool idea!

Piano corner @ Casa La Concha, Marbella (Spain)

Just stepping out the door from the piano corner, I could relax in the veranda. Stunning place!

Veranda @ Casa La Concha, Marbella (Spain)

In the veranda, I also had breakfast in the morning with the other guests.

Breakfast @ Casa La Concha, Marbella (Spain)

The food was very fresh and nicely served. The guests could choose between croissants, fresh fruits, ham and cheese, yogurts, orange juice, coffee and tea! And of course fresh baguette-bread!

Breakfast buffet @ Casa La Concha, Marbella (Spain)


During my long weekend spent at Casa La Concha I had the great pleasure to stay in one of the 6 cottages of the property, called Deluxe Bungalow. I loved it!

Entrance of the Deluxe Bungalow @ Casa La Concha, Marbella

I adored the big space of this cottage, where there is a living room and a bedroom well divided. The bathroom has a wide shower, where you can find shampoo, shower gel, soap, body cream and make up removal wipes!

Living room @ Deluxe Cottage, Casa La Concha in Marbella, Spain

The incredible peace and silence at night made me sleep so well and deep! The bedroom was so beautiful as well. In the morning you can see the trees and the flowers from its private patio!

Cottage Bedroom @ Casa La Concha in Marbella (Spain)

If the guests want some privacy, the cottages offer a private patio where to relax!

Cottage private patio @ Casa La Concha, Marbella
Cottage private patio @ Casa La Concha in Marbella, Spain


The garden area of Casa La Concha is a pure bliss! You can see also the mountain that actually gives the name to the property itself: Pico La Concha mountain!

Garden @ Casa La Concha, Marbella

Walking around the big garden, you can find a lovely bar where you can get fresh drinks all day long!

Garden Bar @ Casa La Concha, Marbella

On the far back of the garden, the owner recreated a small beach spot with fantastic white sand!

Beach corner @ Casa La Concha, Marbella
Beach/fitness corner @ Casa La Concha, Marbella

On the same corner of paradise, the property offers also a yoga room! How amazing! Moreover, Casa La Concha organizes yoga days. (for more info, please contact the property directly)

Yoga Room @ Casa La Concha, Marbella

I could stay in a garden like this relaxing for months I guess! 🙂

Casa La Concha in Marbella, Spain

Last (but not least!) thing I wanna show you is the glorious spot by the pool where to chill like a king and queen:

Glorious chilling spot by the pool @ Casa La Concha, Marbella
Swimming pool @ Casa La Concha, Marbella

I wish I could live in a place like this! It’s the ultimate home-feeling as well as the perfect retreat!

I really cannot wait to go back to Casa La Concha! Sublime and divine property!

And you… Are you lusting for the sublime?