Great Stay In the Heart of Florence @ NH Collection Porta Rossa

The NH Collection Porta Rossa is a fabulous 5 star hotel in Florence, strategically located in the heart of the city. Its location is indeed one of the most convenient I have ever experienced as it is very close to all the main attractions. This hotel has several luxurious suites that can actually make every guest experience the Florentine traditional style, due to its historical and prestigious interiors. Inside the NH Collection Porta Rossa there is “Savini Tartufi” Restaurant, where people can taste delicious truffles dishes. I am glad also to highlight that the service has been impeccable, kind and attentive throughout my stay!


During my stay I had the immense pleasure to experience the marvelous Junior Suite. As soon as I walked in, I got really astonished by the very high ceilings elegantly decorated with original frescoes. It really felt like being in a fairy tale!

Myself in the Junior Suite @ NH Collection Porta Rossa in Florence

Moreover, I really loved the brand new furniture and the great interiors, smartly chosen in order not to clash with the historical vibes of the palace.

The Junior suite bathroom is spacious, divided in 2 spaces. There is only a wide shower and not the bath-tube. All the interiors are brand new and delightful, with great body products offered.

Bathroom entrance inside the Junior Suite @ NH Collection Porta Rossa in Florence

Along with the spectacular interiors, I honestly LOVED the very warm welcome: inside my room in fact the staff prepared for me several welcome gifts, even next to the sink in the bathroom! 🙂nh-collection-porta-rossa-florence-lustforthesublime

There was also a beautiful “Venus” by Botticelli print with local sweet wine (called “Vin Santo”) and very popular biscuits called “Cantucci”.

Warm welcome in the room @ NH Collection Porta Rossa in Florence

… together with lovely Italian poetry all over: how adorable and romantic!

Italian poetry hand-written in my room!

I also found near my bed a Polaroid-souvenir to bring home, with the most iconic pictures of Florence! Such a fabulous touch!

More welcome gifts @ NH Collection Porta Rossa in Florence!

Before my dinner at “Savini Tartufi” Restaurant, I enjoyed a great bottle of Italian Prosecco in my suite, together with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate!

Feeling amazing @ NH Collection Porta Rossa in Florence


To be honest, I got really impressed by the food, wines and service during my dinner at “Savini Tartufi”! I got invited by the hotel to have a small truffle tasting and I ended up having a full dinner there!

Savini Tartufi Restaurant – entrance

This restaurant is well known in town for its truffle selection and the food is indeed truffle flavored. It is also possible to buy directly some of their products, like truffle-honey, truffle-oil and several truffle-sauces! How delicious!

Savini Tartufi @ NH Collection Porta Rossa Florence

My dining experience started as mentioned with a colorful and delicious tasting platter, fabulously presented.

Truffle tasting @ Savini Tartufi Restaurant in Florence

Despite the plan was just having a small tasting, we decided to have a full proper dinner as the food tasted really good! I would highly recommend this restaurant while you visit Florence, even if you do not stay at the hotel.

Truffle dinner @ Savini Tartufi in Florence

I had overall a great experience and I’d definitely recommend the hotel and the restaurant!

And you… Are you lusting for the sublime?