A Sublime Stay at The Metropole Hotel in Monaco!

During this sunny and warm February I decided to visit Monaco, in the South of France, in order to enjoy the Cote d’Azur sweet life, for an entire week. I spent the first few days at the marvelous Hotel Metropole, where I has surely the most enjoyable stay among all! The sublime combination of great service, superb management, luxurious suites, great food and a phenomenal spa, made this stay my absolute favorite in town. Let’s go through all my experiences step by step! 🙂


The Metropole Hotel is perfectly located in the heart of Monte-Carlo, a few minutes walk from the Casino, that can be reached walking through the beautiful city gardens. It doesn’t have its own car park, but there is a private parking right next to the hotel and the concierge can easily park your car (as they did with mine).

At the Metropole Hotel there are several amazing dining options:

Last but not least, the hotel wellness area is simply divine. There is indeed the phenomenal Givenchy Spa together with a gym and one floor above there is ODYSSEY, a sublime oasis of relaxation designed by Karl Lagerfeld with a swimming-pool, a garden and a lounge-bar.

Photo Courtesy of Metropole Hotel Monte-Carlo


There are 64 luxurious suites at the Metropole Hotel in Monaco, divided in a few categories. I had the immense pleasure to stay in a “De Luxe Junior Suite”, which has a spacious living room area together with the bedroom area, without sea view. For your information, there are bigger suites with separate areas + sea view, and at the top the magnificent and well known Carré d’Or Suite: 240sqm room + 110sqm of terrace!!!  (Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with specific details and feedback about it as I haven’t had the chance to check it out as it was occupied during my stay).

When I arrived in my suite, I had the big pleasure to find this warm welcome gifts and card:

Warm welcome in my suite @ Metropole Hotel Monaco

As soon as I got into my suite, I also found several Givenchy beauty products kindly gifted by the spa manager as the following day I had a spa treatment booked. Such a thoughtful and classy touch! Hugely appreciated! 🙂

Bedroom area + Givenchy beauty product gifts in my suite @ Metropole Hotel Monaco
Body products gifted by The Givenchy Spa @ Metropole Monaco



In the elegant marble bathroom you can get all body products by Hermès, a marble bathtub and a very wide shower room!

Marble bathroom in my suite @ Metropole Hotel Monaco

As you know by now, I had a fabulous bubble bath in my suite! Deeply enjoyed!

Preparing my bubble bath!


In such a fantastic hotel, I couldn’t avoid to try the in-room breakfast and it was really on point! Sweet and salty dishes, everything very fresh and tasty, Moët&Chandon Champagne Rosé, beautifully presented and kindly served. I loved it so much! Such a perfect beginning of the day!

Myself enjoying a superb in-room breakfast @ Metropole Hotel Monaco


The following day I had the buffet breakfast, that is served at the Joël Robuchon Restaurant. Very classy and elegant environment with a beautiful view, it has good selection of food at the buffet and a great à la carte menu to order hot dishes. Check out my Instagram stories for all details!


In the afternoon I had the pleasure to taste some Japanese Tea in my suite, delightfully served with some sweets. Great touch! Really liked it!

In-room Japanese Tea tasting @ Metropole Hotel Monaco


It’s finally time to talk about the wellness area at the Metropole Hotel in Monaco. Please allow me to say that the Givenchy Spa is one of the best spas I have seen and experienced worldwide!

As soon as I got to the reception I immediately had an heavenly feeling, thank to the receptionist’s grace and the lavish interiors.

Givenchy Spa Reception @ Metropole Hotel Monaco

The massage rooms are very professional with every possible comfort. I had such a great therapist who wonderfully take care of me, being extra careful about all my needs. Perfect!

Givenchy Spa @ Metropole Hotel Monaco

After the fabulous massage, I took some time to relax while enjoying a cup of tea in the relaxing room:

Myself @ Givenchy Spa, Metropole Hotel Monaco

The big plus of this spa is that after the massage, my therapist brought me to the beauty products area to do my make up for the day! This is such a great service, every woman needs it after a spa session!

Givenchy beauty products area @ Metropole Hotel Monaco


On the level above the Givenchy Spa, there is another wonderful wellness area called ODYSSEY:

“An exceptional setting imagined and designed by Karl Lagerfeld with a garden, pool and lounge bar, Odyssey is an oasis of relaxation and well-being nestled in the heart of Monte-Carlo. The restaurant offers a menu highlighting the freshness, lightness and quality of the seasonal produce in the dishes”

The ambience is so stylish and relaxing, I loved spending time at the pool area. It is also heated, even if is indoor, in fact I enjoyed so much swimming there! 🙂

Myself @ ODYSSEY pool, Metropole Hotel Monaco


On the second night at the Metropole Hotel, I had the immense pleasure to try YOSHI, the Japanese Michelin Starred Restaurant by Joël Robuchon.

Yoshi restaurant entrance @ Metropole Hotel Monaco

I appreciated the simplicity of the tables mixed with colorful designed details.


I was honestly looking for trying more sushi/sashimi dishes, but I decided to let the Chef serving what he believed was the best to try.



The chicken teriyaki was honestly one of the best ever, the cod was beautifully presented although I couldn’t finish it all. I have been drinking champagne by the glass the entire dinner.



After the dinner, they gifted us a “Bye Bye Bag” with a delicious pancake in each bag! Absolutely loved the kind touch!

Bye Bye Bag from YOSHI Restaurant @ Metropole Hotel Monaco

Such a marvelous, enchanting and pleasant stay!

I hugely recommend to stay at the Metropole Hotel in Monaco, if you are looking for something exceptional!

And you… Are you lusting for the sublime?