A Memorable Stay at The Luxurious Dan Tel Aviv Hotel

During my latest trip to Israel I had the immense pleasure to stay at the well known Dan Hotel Tel Aviv, a luxurious 5 star hotel right in front sea on the beach promenade. I couldn’t be luckier as I got the chance to stay for a week in the majestic Presidential Suite, a 130sqm room with a 180-degree breathtaking panoramic sea view – among many other comforts!

Among the perfect location and the luxurious interiors, the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel’s staff is the biggest highlight: every staff member I met has been absolutely impeccable, polite, helpful, kind and extremely professional. Sometimes at the 5 star hotels we take it for granted, but trust me it is not so obvious to get such a fantastic service! So when it is very good, it is important for me to let you know! 🙂


As previously mentioned, the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel is perfectly located in front of the sea, alongside the beautiful beach promenade. The hotel doesn’t have a private beach, but the wide public beach is just across the road – very clean and comfortable, full of restaurants, bars and open-air gyms!

This 5 star hotel is very recognizable due to its colorful facade, unmissable. I really liked the contrast between this extra-contemporary colorful architecture, combined with the more traditional interior design!

The Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, Israel

The hotel offers a wide range of rooms and suites, as well as several dining options, an elegant bar and a lovely business lunge, accessible all day for the hotel guests.

There is also an entire area dedicated to wellness, with a gym, an indoor swimming pool with jacuzzi, and outdoor swimming pool + jacuzzi with sea view, and a spa center for massages and treatments.


What a wonderful week I had at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel! Staying in the Presidential Suite has been truly magnificent. This luxurious room has a very wide living room with a 180-degrees terrace. It has also a small kitchen, with Espresso and tea machines and a big fridge.

In the room there are 2 bathrooms, one for the guests near the living room and the luxurious one in the bedroom, with a jacuzzi and a wide shower. All kind of body products (very good!) branded by Dan Hotels, together with hairdrier . Moreover, there are 2 big TVs, one in the living room and one in the bedroom.

The bedroom is very cozy, with a partial sea view. I slept so well because of the high level of privacy and the total absence of noises. Truly perfect!

Phenomenal Presidential Suite @ Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, Israel

I couldn’t believe how amazing the terrace of this suite was! The sea view was absolutely breathtaking every hour of the day, the terrace itself so big and amazing to relax and to spend hours just chilling there! I enjoyed indeed several food-breaks and sunset snacks. Unforgettable!

Myself enjoying the sunset @ Dan Tel Aviv, Presidential Suite
Sunset @ Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, Presidential Suite
Dan Tel Aviv Hotel – Presidential Suite terrace

I really appreciated the incredible attention to details in the suite: every day fresh flowers, several arrival gifts and always fresh fruits and sweets too. Simply adorable and dreamy!


When I said that the in-room breakfast at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel belongs to a league of its own… I really meant it! As you know by now, I always stay in the best suites around the world, trying every possible lavish experience. I have to admit this time that this breakfast has been the best ever!

The room service always so attentive and kind, I loved everyone from the staff and I hugely appreciated the very prompt help and professionalism.

The food was very fresh, high quality, superbly presented with a wide range of products. Truly a Royal treat! 100% breakfast goals here!

Glorious in-room breakfast @ Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, Presidential Suite


The regular breakfast is served every morning at the Yam Breakfast Restaurant. It offers a wide range of food, for literally every palate! I enjoyed it a lot as everything was extremely fresh and well presented/cooked.


The Dan Tel Aviv Hotel offers a wide range of room types. If you click here you can check them out. Together with the Presidential Suite, the other top class room is the Royal Suite.


The Dan Tel Aviv Hotel offers a few dining options: the elegant Hayarkon 99 (the flagship restaurant of the hotel), Yan Breakfast (where you can have also buffet dinner) and another dining area near the bar, where you can enjoy the traditional Shabbat dinner buffet (good beyond words!).


The day of my arrival, totally by chance, there was a special dinner event at Hayarkon 99 Restaurant during which the Italian Michelin Starred Chef Isa Mazzocchi from Ristorante La Palta (Piacenza, Italy) was cooking for ‘Round Tables Tour’. She presented a fine dining Italian meal, re-elaborated according to the Kosher food tradition. For me (being Italian) it has been a wonderful experience as I know how difficult could have been adapting our Italian food recipes to the local tradition, maintaining the strong flavors and deliciousness! That night, Ms. Chef Isa Mazzocchi really shown her phenomenal abilities and deep knowledge of the food. Well done! 🙂


I loved (literally: loved!) how the Chef presented the welcome appetizer, with a real basil plant with some butterfly-tarts on top to eat. 🙂


Every dish has been beautifully presented and everything tasted extremely good!


Probably the most difficult challenge was adapting our traditional Lasagna with the Kosher tradition, but Chef Isa Mazzocchi definitely made it! Big up!



Also the desserts were divine, a perfect way to end this wonderful dining experience!



Shabbat Dinner

Every Friday night there is a superb Shabbat dinner buffet at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel. I guess it is pretty well known in the city as it was full of people, mostly families but also young couples. Despite I am not Jewish, I felt honored to be invited and to try the traditional Shabbat food. Everything I had was so good. Again, another splendid night!

Myself @ Dan Tel Aviv Hotel before Shabbat dinner!

Business Lounge

At the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel there is a very cozy and nice Business Lounge, facing the front beach, with an exquisite buffet all day long for refreshments and some bites. Perfect for a break or a business meeting!

The Bar & The Lobby

The bar and the lobby area are open all day till late evening. During the day you can enjoy the beautiful view of the beach and the sea and at night a cozy and warm atmosphere for a few drinks before and after dinner. It is a great location also for business meetings!

Photo: Courtesy of Dan Hotels, Israel
Photo: Courtesy of Dan Hotels, Israel


The Dan Tel Aviv Hotel has 2 pools, one indoor and one outdoor, both facing the sea and the beachfront. Both areas have as well a jacuzzi each. I haven’t had enough time to enjoy the outdoor area, I hope I will next time I will visit Israel!

Photo: Courtesy of Dan Hotels, Israel

I really cannot wait to go back to Israel!

The Dan Tel Aviv Hotel is really a fantastic option for your trip, keep it in mind!

And you… Are you lusting for the sublime?