Château de Berne: The Ultimate Luxury Experience in Provence (France)

Chateau de Berne is a spectacular 5 star hotel in the heart of Provence (France), located between Lorgues and Flayosc. During my trip there, it has been my absolute favorite place, due to the ‘complete’ experience that it provides to its guests and its dreamlike setting. This Relais&Chateaux property offers indeed luxurious accommodations, a Michelin Starred restaurant, a beautiful Cinq Mondes Spa, a bistrot, and a majestic swimming pool. All surrounded by 120 hectares vineyards, lavender, flowers and trees – a total of 500 hectares of unspoiled wilderness! What else would you need? It is a real corner of paradise on Earth!

Important additional info: it is pet friendly! They provide a dog/cat sitter service on request!


Dining at Chateau de Berne is an unforgettable experience itself, thank to the superb cuisine of Mr. Chef. Benjamin Collombat. I will write extensively in a separate article about ‘Le Bistrot’ (casual dining) and Le Jardin de Benjamin (fine dining, 1 Michelin Star), honoring each dish I tried as they all deserve a special description! 🙂

Myself @ Chateau de Berne, Provence, France

Located in the heart of Provence, Chateau de Berne is truly “A” destination, a place where you can get a full taste of Provence without even leaving the property: it is massive and full of activities and things to do. There is also a nice shop near the Bistrot where you can buy soaps, perfumes, wines, food and so on. It is the most complete experience you can dream of, concentrated in just one property! It is astonishing, trust me!

Chateau de Berne, Provence, France

Everywhere you stay around this marvelous 18th Century Chateau you can feel very relaxed, surrounded by the beauty of nature and a peaceful atmosphere! The lovely smell of the flowers will blow your mind!

The interiors of the main building are very traditional and classy, the ones inside the new areas are more modern and colorful – like the room where I stayed that I will show you in the next paragraph. I personally appreciate the contrast between old and modern, because it gives a unique vibe for each area of the property.



Chateau de Berne offers several types of rooms, some inside the main building, some others in another small house near by. To check every type of room, click here 

I personally stayed outside the main property, in a Premium Deluxe Room. I considered those rooms better for privacy as you have your own piece of heaven away from the main area. Loved it!


As previously mentioned, my Premium Deluxe Room was located in a separate small house, near the garden and the vineyards, 2 minutes down the stairs from the main building and the swimming pool.

Entrance of the Premium Deluxe Rooms @ Chateau de Berne, Provence, France

These rooms are very newly designed and furnished, with every kind of amenities you might need. There is a Nespresso machine, a mini bar with several types of beverages and wines, soaps, creams, hairdrier, TV with a wide selection of music and movies .The colors are popping and pleasant, which create a lovely contrast with all the greenery the you see from the windows! I loved it, especially the pink chairs!

Premium Deluxe Room @ Chateau de Berne, Provence, France

The bathroom is newly designed too, and it overlooks the garden. The windows are automatic closable as you wish, with a blue neon path on the floor at night: phenomenal! And of course, a fantastic bath (my favorite!). In this case: bath with a view!


After sleeping extremely well, I decided to have breakfast in my room, as the view from my bed was just too perfect! 🙂

Beautiful view from my room!

Honestly I didn’t move from my bed at first, I took a picture with my phone indeed! Perfection!

Picture taken with my i-phone, literally under my blanket! So perfect!

After breakfast, I had a nice walk around the garden, surrounded by flowers, lavender, vineyards. A total bliss!

Garden @ Chateau de Berne, France


As you know by now, I love swimming pools! Especially infinity pools. The one at Chateau de Berne is literally entirely surrounded by greenery, an oasis of beauty with palms and canopy beds. I could have stayed there forever!

Myself @ Chateau de Berne – swimming pool, France

Lying down on the canopy bed while reading a book with a glass of wine made at the Chateau is just all you need to do! 🙂

Canopy bed by the pool @ Chateau de Berne

There is also a lovely common chilling area that overlooks the pool, perfect for groups of people!


The fitness center is right next to the swimming pool, fully equipped for any need. Moreover, there are also yoga classes and yoga retreats on request!

Fitness center @ Chateau de Berne


A dreamy place like Chateau de Berne has of course a beautiful luxurious spa: Les Cinq Mondes.

The entrance already expresses the vibe of the place itself, wonderful.

Entrance of Les Cinq Mondes Spa @ Chateau de Berne

Elegance is in every detail, everything is cozy and very clean.

Spa welcome desk @ Chateau de Berne, France

At the spa you can request several types of services including manicure, pedicure, nail polish, hairdressing!

Les Cinq Mondes Spa @ Chateau de Berne

At Les Cinq Mondes Spa there is also an indoor pool, with a very warm ambience, perfect to chill and regenerate yourself!

Indoor swimming pool @ Les Cinq Mondes Spa

Before or after your treatment, you can chill in the relaxing area where you can eat some fresh fruits and nuts, together with teas and infusions.

Relaxing area @ Les Cinq Mondes – Chateau de Berne

For a deeper insight, here a picture of the massage room: candles, delightful perfumes, lovely music… a must when you stay at Chateau de Berne!

Massage Room @ Les Cinq Mondes – Chateau de Berne


Due to the vastness of the vineyards, Chateau de Berne produces its own wine: white, rosé and red.


They have a peculiar bottle shape for the wines: it is squared! The signature wine is surely the rosé, but I loved the whites too.

To read more about the wine produced there, please click here

Chateau de Berne – Wine Cellar

If you are a wine lover, or simply interested to know more about their production, the staff organizes upon request special tours around the cellar! I did it and it was amazing, highly recommended!

Wine production @ Chateau de Berne

Not often open to the public, there is an underground cellar, very iconic, where you can taste special wines. It is very cold though, bring a jacket!

At the end of the tour, you can enjoy a wine tasting and buy the bottles of the wine you loved the most, together with typical Provencal products at the shop.


Underground wine cellar @ Chateau de Berne

Chateau de Berne – wine tasting terrace area

THE GARDEN (‘Le Jardin’)

In my next article entirely dedicated to the dining experiences at Chateau de Berne I will show you even more the importance of having such a fabulous garden.

The garden full of vegetables, herbs, lavender and more!

Every day, in fact, the chefs take from here the vegetables, the herbs, the spices, the flowers and the fruits used in their signature dishes. The quality of the food is absolutely sublime indeed.

Le Jardin de Benjamin (“Benjamin’s Garden”)

This is the reason why the gastronomic restaurant’s name honors the garden: the 1 Michelin Star restaurant is called “Le Jardin de Benjamin” which means Benjamin’s garden. Benjamin is the Chef and he highlighted to me several times the importance of using such fresh and great products in his recipes. This garden is the heart of his cuisine!

Walking around the garden @ Chateau de Berne


Do you think everything previously mention is enough? Nope! Chateau de Berne is proud to host also a phenomenal cooking school! Unbelievable, I know. This place is just a dream.

Cooking class @ Chateau de Berne

If you are interested in attending a cooking class, HERE you can find all info! Bon appetit!

Cooking school @ Chateau de Berne

I seriously consider Chateau de Berne a sublime place. I cannot wait to be back!

And you… are you lusting for the sublime?




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    1. Many thanks Emad! Happy to show all details about these stunning properties! Check out also my other articles. Hope you’ll get inspired for your upcoming trips!
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